December 27-28, 2014

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Tellalis is where you can discover people to materialize your creative ideas. We democratize the interaction between people in order to produce faster quality results. We allow individuals and enterprises to access creative talents, such as designers, artists, photographers, and manufacturing professionals such as suppliers, craftsmen, to reinforce those ideas into matter.


This is your biggest opportunity to mix with the industry's leading thinkers. Tellalis team sets out to create something different for 2014. An initiative fully devoted to exploring the mechanics of idea execution. We bring together some of the most productive creative visionaries, leading researchers, traditional craftsmen and young spirits to share pragmatic insights on how to make your ideas happen.


The main objective of the festival is to both stimulate and revive Makarios Avenue by boosting entrepreneurship, either through commercial activity or through innovative services, and capturing the energies or new talents. The initiative is supported by Nicosia Municipality, curated by Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre.

Agenda We come to celebrate based on three axes: Exchange, Materialize, Learn .
An opportunity for everyone to connect and explore the emerging intersections of creativity, technology and entrepreneurship


Opening Keynote

Presentation of Tellalis Initiative by Founder

Keynote 1

How Tellalis changed my life

Keynote 3

Creating the largest Christmas Ball in Cyprus: A fundraising Activity by CUT students

Keynote 5

A Glimpse into the European Funding of Creative Industries

Keynote 6

Getting people to invest in you

Award Ceremony for the Christmas Design Challenge

Exchange + Learn + Party

Real Time 3D printing Exposition

Tellalis Community Exhibition (Polaroid Project)

Creative Technology Exposition

Christmas Ornaments Exhibition-Selling

Engino Playground: Play to Invent

Discussion 1

Digital Constructive Mechanisms and Creative Thinking

Discussion 2

The process from concept to fabrication

Discussion 3

Interactive Mechanism in Design

Discussion 4

Robotic Technology

Closing Party

DJ Bon Bon
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Speakers Listen to action-oriented talks. They will offer a pragmatic insight on how you can execute ideas.

Natasa Christou

Tellalis Initiative

Helen Savva


Christina Skarparis

Founder & CEO at Xarkis

Andrew Michael and Team


Dimis Michaelides

The Art of Innovation

Margarita Kyprianou

Junior Consultant

Odysseas Kontovourkis

Lecturer - University of Cyprus

Costas Sisamos


Tomash Ghz


Human Library Every person has a story to tell. The Human Library is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding.
Book your appointments to meet the Human Books in our Human Library, which will run on the Sunday 28 December between 14:00 and 18:00.

Theseas Mouzouropoulos

Graphic Designer

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Lellos Constantinides

Lellos Bookbinding

Book Meeting

Bank of Cyprus,

Bank of Cyprus, Makariou Avenue,, Nicosia CY

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VOLUNTEERS Tellalis is about community and creating relationships and connections between people.
Tell-Tales is your opportunity to participate in the first local creative weekend,
which brings people together to share experiences, knowledge and motivate to execute ideas.
Become a Volunteer to enhance your CV, connect with great people,
meet top leading professionals and motivational speakers and have fun! Don't miss this opportunity


sponsors Being a sponsor gives your company a really good opportunity to get exposed in a wide audience and contrubute to soccially develop and educate the Cypriot community.

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